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Under the new tax laws, tax preparers cannot afford to sit back and relax until the start of tax-season. Like employees of the IRS, tax preparers must work during the entire year on just tax related matters. Obviously, it all starts with your so-called easy tax return based on some 72,000+ pages of tax laws and regulations. Somewhere within all of those pages, you may be prosecuted and shocked that you're sent to jail over a 'simple' tax return. ​​

 As the math genius Albert Einstein said, "The hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes". So, be smart about taxes an hire yourself a tax preparer  certified as an IRS TAXMATCH®.

“Taxes are more than just inputting numbers into off-the-shelf tax software applications. Under the new tax reform laws, tax preparers must train themselves like those employees over at the IRS. By law, tax relief is available in almost every tax enforcement instance. From filing tax returns to bankruptcy, tax preparers must learn how to analyze taxpayers' unique set of circumstances then request tax relief in the best-interest of taxpayers (ITBIOT). Simply put, taxes are complicated and not intended for part-time professionals — you need an IRS TAXMATCH®."

—  Nigel Shufford, IRS TAXMATCH®, Tax Preparer,  Qualified Tax Expert and MBA.

The hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes – Albert Einstein, Genius in Math​​

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